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08.04 – 14.04.2019

Games Week Berlin: Europe's leading network platform for games, development and culture


13.04. – 14.04.2019

TwitchCon Europe 2019


eSport-study 2019

On January 17 we published the results of our eSport-study 2019 at a press conference. For the study we asked over 1200 amateur and professional esports player about their health-related behavior and their training habits. The results: room for improvements in both areas. […]


17th Cologne Sports Science Evening - How much sport is there in eSport?


14.12. – 15.12.2019

ESL Championships 2019 Winter Season - the premier class of German eSport


Fit for eSport – these exercises help!

In our last blog entry we informed you about the most common injuries in eSport. The present entry is supposed to provide you multiple exercises to counteract the complaints preventively. A basic principle to remember is: every kind of movement helps to keep the body and mind healthy and fit. Even a short walk promotes blood circulation, activates the muscles and thus protects against possible illnesses. […]


LoL Worlds 2019 - The League of Legends Worlds Championship in Europe



Esports Awards 2019 - The awards for the best players in eSport!


25.10. – 27.10.2019

ESL One Hamburg 2019 - Germany's biggest Dota 2 tournament!


23.11. – 24.11.2019

Gamevention 2019 - A new gaming festival!


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