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Gamescom - The Heart of Gaming

At the end of August it’s that time again, the world’s largest trade fair for video games takes place in Cologne. Experience the latest games live and first at Gamescom. Gamescom is also an important industry meeting place for insiders, retailers, publishers and developers.

Further information are available at the following link: Gamescom



Equal eSports Festival

The Equal eSports Festival enters the third round! Cologne’s Rheinterrassen will become the hotspot of the eSports scene. The program includes the final of the Equal eSports Cup, keynotes, panel talks, creative workshops, show matches, as well as gaming and mindfulness sessions with top coaches. Whether eSports fans, diversity enthusiasts, parents, students or teachers – there is something for everyone. The visit is free of charge.

Further information are available at the following link: Equal eSports festival



At the end of September, it’s that time again. The counterpart to Gamescom, the world’s largest trade fair for video games, will take place in Brussels. A short time later, on 07-08.10.2023, GameForce will take place in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Visitors can look forward to the latest developments on the gaming market and meet like-minded people.

Further information are available at the following link: GameForce



IEM Cologne

At the beginning of August, Europe’s biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports event will start again at the Lanxess Arena. Fans and players can once again look forward to the IEM Cologne, also known as “The Cathedral of Counter-Strike”.  A total of 24 teams will participate and $1,000,000 in prize money will be made available.

Further information and tickets are available at the following link: IEM Cologne

Fit for esports – Strengthening the mental health

In our last blog article, we explained what mental health is and how it relates to esports. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here. But how exactly can mental health be strengthened? […]


Summer Game Fest

The Summer Game Festival is a digital event where several new game trailers are shown. Geoff Keighley again invites gamers to a big gaming event that can be followed on Twitch and YouTube. Last year, many big partners of the gaming scene were also present.

Further information are available at the following link:

The next big e-sports survey – your help counts!

Through our previous five e-sports studies, we have already been able to gain comprehensive insights into gamers and e-sports enthusiasts in Germany. However, a lot is still unclear and there is still a lot of need for research in e-sports to make it more socially acceptable and professional. Because of this, we have developed a new e-sports survey. […]

Gaming Mind: How mental health and esports are connected

Mental health and performance. Two different terms, closely linked. In traditional sports, especially when it comes to success and failure, terms like “performance pressure”, “chocking”, or resilience are not new. But what exactly does it look like in e-sports? […]

eSport Study 2023 – Mental Health in E-Sports

Since 2018, we have been conducting annual esports studies to investigate various topics related to the health of esports players. In the current study, we surveyed 1073 gamers on the topic of mental health and resilience. […]

Video games and sleep – Publication

A sufficiently long and deep sleep is necessary for us to be healthy and productive in the long term. But according to our eSports Study 2019, video gamers do not have the best sleep. To what extent the video games themselves possibly influence sleep, we have compiled in a review. […]