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Gaming Mind: How mental health and esports are connected

Mental health and performance. Two different terms, closely linked. In traditional sports, especially when it comes to success and failure, terms like “performance pressure”, “chocking”, or resilience are not new. But what exactly does it look like in e-sports? […]

Fit for esports – Strengthening the mental health

In our last blog article, we explained what mental health is and how it relates to esports. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here. But how exactly can mental health be strengthened? […]

The next big e-sports survey – your help counts!

Through our previous five e-sports studies, we have already been able to gain comprehensive insights into gamers and e-sports enthusiasts in Germany. However, a lot is still unclear and there is still a lot of need for research in e-sports to make it more socially acceptable and professional. Because of this, we have developed a new e-sports survey. […]

eSport Study 2023 – Mental Health in E-Sports

Since 2018, we have been conducting annual esports studies to investigate various topics related to the health of esports players. In the current study, we surveyed 1073 gamers on the topic of mental health and resilience. […]

Video games and sleep – Publication

A sufficiently long and deep sleep is necessary for us to be healthy and productive in the long term. But according to our eSports Study 2019, video gamers do not have the best sleep. To what extent the video games themselves possibly influence sleep, we have compiled in a review. […]

The fifth german esports survey

Through the first four eSport studies, we were able to gain important insights into the training/sleeping, nutrition, health behaviour and pain of esports players. You can see the results in the research findings. However, a lot is still unexplored and there is still a great need for research in esports to structure eSports even more professional and social accessable. Therefore we have developed a new eSport survey with the topics of posture and physical complaints.


Esport goes school

In collaboration with the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg we created a prevention concept for health at colleges. Through esport we were able to teach topics like exercise and nutrition in a playful kind of way.


eSport Study 2022 – Pain in eSport

The main findings from the 2022 study

Because of the ongoing pandemic, this year’s press conference was held as a digital presentation with only a handful of people on site. Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse (Head of the Institute of Movement Therapy and Movement-oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation at the German Sport University Cologne) presented the findings in collaboration with Rolf Buchwitz (Deputy Chairman of the Board of the AOK Rhineland/Hamburg) on March 23rd.


Sleep in eSports – Sleep leads to higher performance

We spend just under a third of our lives asleep. Meanwhile, various regeneration and repair processes take place in our body and mind. Accordingly, a sufficiently long and restful sleep is necessary. Because those who regularly sleep well and sufficiently are more physically and mentally efficient overall. […]

Regeneration in eSports: Improvements by pause?

Hours of focus and full concentration in front of the screen every day. It is quite usual for eSports players to have a day like this. However, those who run at full speed every day also need time off to recover. In the following, we give you an overview of what regeneration should look like. […]