The next big e-sports survey – your help counts!

Through our previous five e-sports studies, we have already been able to gain comprehensive insights into gamers and e-sports enthusiasts in Germany. However, a lot is still unclear and there is still a lot of need for research in e-sports to make it more socially acceptable and professional. Because of this, we have developed a new e-sports survey.

Why another survey on e-sports?

The first e-sports studies laid the foundation for recording the e-sports scene in Germany. So far, the focus has been on the following topics: Training and health behavior, media consumption and sleep behavior, nutritional behavior, physical complaints and ergonomics, and mental health and resilience. But much remains unexplored in the young sport. In order to create a complete profile of gamers and e-sports players, the e-sports scene must also be researched in other areas. The next study will deal with the topic of (in)active lifestyles of gamers and e-sportsmen.

You can find more information about the entire project at research and education.

The new survey refers only to Germans with their current place of residence in Germany, but if you are interested, you can find the questionnaire here.