Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse

Prof Dr Ingo Froböse is the head of the Institute of Movement Therapy and Movement-oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation and Center for health and physical activity through sport and movement. Professor Froböse navigates the project. As a visionary in science, he founded the eSports project and over the years he established himself as one of the leading researchers in eSports. One of his favorite games is the timeless classic “Pong”.

Research profile of Prof Dr Ingo Froböse

Chuck Tholl

Chuck Tholl is the project leader of the eSports-project and graduation student in esports at the German Sport University Cologne. He is responsible for the overall planning and communication and functions as instructor for the eSports-performance test. As a gamer from an early age, games such as “Tekken”, “Diablo 2” and “League of Legend” are among his favorite titles.

Research profile of Chuck Tholl

Peter Bickmann

Research profile von Peter Bickmann

Student assistans:

Markus Soffner is team captain of the university FIFA Team of Team ECO and conducted his bachelor thesis in the eSports sector. The semi-professional player is the contact person for the whole FIFA Team and supports the project with his knowledge about the scene. His main areas of responsibility are the planning and execution of the objective measurements, as well as the content design for our homepage.

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