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11.02. – 13.02.2022

#G4L - Gaming Expo-Festival


Sleep in eSports – Sleep leads to higher performance

We spend just under a third of our lives asleep. Meanwhile, various regeneration and repair processes take place in our body and mind. Accordingly, a sufficiently long and restful sleep is necessary. Because those who regularly sleep well and sufficiently are more physically and mentally efficient overall. […]

23.11. – 25.11.2021

Gamesweekberlin 2021


26.11. – 28.11.2021

Next Level 2021 - Festival for Games



The Game Awards 2021


05.11. – 13.11.2021

Play21 - Creative Gaming Festival


Regeneration in eSports: Improvements by pause?

Hours of focus and full concentration in front of the screen every day. It is quite usual for eSports players to have a day like this. However, those who run at full speed every day also need time off to recover. In the following, we give you an overview of what regeneration should look like. […]

25.08. – 27.08.2021

Gamescom 2021

From 25th to 27th August, the highlight for all gaming enthusiasts in Cologne will take place again: The Gamescom 2020. But this year the world’s largest computer and video games trade fair will take place purely digitally. Thus, the latest games, events and world novelties will be presented exclusively online.

All schedules, streams and information about the event can be found on Gamescom 2021.

16.09. – 19.09.2021

Places - The Virtual Reality Festival


16.07. – 17.07.2021

ESL One Cologne 2021


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