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Assessment battery

Fast reactions, a distinct perception and precise handling of mouse, keyboard or gamepad. All of this abilities are needed in eSports. But how do you analyze these skills to improve them? We’ll show you with Germany’s first eSports performance test:

First Results Assement Battery

With the eSports performance test, we examined eSports professionals, amateurs and classic athletes in selected eSports relevant skills. With our test system for fine motor skills, endurance, perception and attention as well as eye tracking, we can determine first interesting results and differences:

eSports goes School


With our training videos, you will get fit beside your console or PC and perform at your best in eSports.

Training recommendations

Yout want to improve your performance in eSports? Then check out our training recommendations:

Training in eSport – physical effects

The benefits of physical training on your eSports performance explained in a nutshell:

The optimal endurance training

Is your concentration dropping fast or are you out of breath after just a few meters? Endurance training can help:

The optimal strength training

Muscles for eSports? Why they are important and how to train them properly you can find out here:

Brain and Body Training

Train your coordination, attention and fine motos skills with Brain and Body Training:


You got muscle cramps, headaches, neck pain or fatigue? Then you should think about active regeneration exercises:

Put Yourself to the Test

Be one step ahead of your opponents from now on thanks to reliable, scientific findings. As a participant, you will be making a considerable contribution to the further development of research and, at the same time, profit from the results regarding your performance.

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