esports at the DSHS

The German Sport University Cologne stands not just for high-quality science, but also for research-related teaching. Following this philosophy, current scientific findings are a key component of our various university lectures, seminars and courses. In doing so, the Institute of Movement Therapy and movement-oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation is a pioneer in the integration of esports into teaching. For instance, esports-specific topics have already been introduced into various courses of study.

In the Sport and Health in Prevention and Therapy Bachelor’s programme, esports finds its way into the course again and again as a demographic within the framework of preventative and workplace health promotion. Based on the demographic-specific characteristics, students are tasked with developing concepts to counteract the individual health risks. In doing so, the students must deal with the target goup in a very intense manner in order to be able to plan specific measures.

The Rehabilitation, Prevention and Health Management Master’s programme also enabled students to deal with esports. A science day entitled “Science meets Gaming” was organised at the German Sport University as part of a module. Alongside scientific talks and a panel discussion, the science day also offered visitors hands-on activities and various measurements. Among other things, the coordination and cognitive skills, as well as the video game behaviour, of the guests were recorded.

The positive response to the science day illustrates the interest in esports. Nevertheless, this project also made it clear to the students and teaching staff that esports research is still in its infancy.

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