06.04. – 07.04.2019

ESL Spring Championship - the top tier of german eSports

The strongest national players in Germany will compete against each other in April 2019: at the ESL Championship. Since January, the teams have been fighting for a place in the qualification for the grand final at Castello, Düsseldorf. As with every ESL Championship, the games League of Legends and Counterstrike: Global Offensive will be played. But starting this year, the teams of a new game will also be able to compete for the five-digit prize money in the german championship. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will be included in the game list for the first time. While the finals of LoL and CS:GO will take place live in the arena on April 6th and 7th, you can follow the best teams in PUBG via streams.

If you would like to experience this exciting atmosphere first hand or find out more about the event, follow the link below:

ESL Spring Championship

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