The eSport performance Test (video)

We have developed Germany’s first eSport performance test and it is already being used by us at the German Sports University in Cologne. The test battery measures the eSport relevant abilities of the players in order to identify the potentials and discover weak points. The results are required to establish esport specific training programs.

The four pillars of the eSport performance test

The test battery developed for this purpose is based on four pillars the perception and attention test, the motoric test, the eye-tracking and the fitness test. These tests measure the eSport players in their most important processes. In order to keep the whole test battery standardized, the tests take place outside the game except the eye-tracking. This also ensures that the pros can be tested independently of their games.

While the first test requires cognition, the motor test measures parameters such as wrist finger speed or how calm the players can hold their hand within a narrow limit. Eye tracking captures the eye movements while playing a game. It provides information about the player’s attention and whether they miss crucial situations because they pay attention to the less relevant part of the game. In the end, spiroergometry measures the current fitness of the players. Because only those who have sufficient fitness remain concentrated over the entire period even during longer tournaments and be on their full performance.

Further goals

The eSport performance test should also provide information about the skills that distinguish the professional players from amateurs. In addition, the results help to develop appropriate training concepts. These concepts are needed to structure the training of the eSport players and optimize their performance.

You are an amateur or elite esport player and want to have your performance measured? Then get in touch here, we look forward to hearing from you!

To have a look at Germany’s first eSport performance test, just follow the link below:

The eSport performance test