Fit for eSport – these exercises help!

In our last blog entry we informed you about the most common injuries in eSport. The present entry is supposed to provide you multiple exercises to counteract the complaints preventively. A basic principle to remember is: every kind of movement helps to keep the body and mind healthy and fit. Even a short walk promotes blood circulation, activates the muscles and thus protects against possible illnesses.

Because the wrists of eSports players are affected the most, we have put together several exercises to bolster your wrist. The structures will be both strengthened and stretched. Furthermore, we will show you how to massage yourself and how to relax your affected structures.

You should be aware of this!

The following exercises only serve to prevent injuries and not to treat acute complaints. You should not feel any pain either before or during the exercises. In strengthening and stretching exercises you should distinguish between muscle fatigue and actual pain. Fatigue during repeated exertion is normal, but pain should not occur. During the self-massage it can become a little more painful if you massage certain point due to already existing tensions. However, if you have any problems before or feel too much pain while practicing, you should always consult a doctor.


Strengthening exercises

Wrist flexion and extension:

Start with a light weight (e.g. a filled bottle) which you can hold with your entire hand. Place your forearm on a table with your hand hanging over the edge. The palm of your hand should be able to move freely and face down towards the floor. Now lift your wrist upwards so that the back of your hand and forearm come closer together. Hold the position at the highest point for about 2 seconds and then slowly return to your starting position. To train the opposite side, rotate your forearm so that your palm faces the ceiling. Now the palm of your hand will come closer to the forearm.

Repeat the exercises 15 to 20 times. Perform a total of 3 sets per side. First concentrate on an even and controlled movement and a wide range of motion. If the exercise is too easy, you can perform the exercises with a heavier object. If the exercise is too difficult, you can do it without weight.

Strengthening of the wrist rotators:

Take a light weight (e.g. a filled bottle) in one hand and place the forearm on a table. The hand must protrude over the edge of the table and the palm should face the ceiling with the weight. Now slowly turn the palm of your hand towards the floor while holding the weight. Make sure to work only with your wrist and forearm and not with other parts of your body (e.g. shoulders). Hold end position for a short time and then slowly turn the palm back towards the ceiling.

Repeat the exercise about 15 to 20 times and then change your hand. Perform a total of 3 sets per side. Increase the weight, if the exercise is not strenuous at all for you. If you can’t do 3×15 repetitions, reduce the weight.


Stretching exercises

Stretching of the wrist:

Hold your arm straight out in front of you and parallel to the floor, with your thumb facing inward and the palm of your hand facing down. Now bend your wrist down so your fingers point towards the floor. Use your other hand to increase the stretch, gently pulling the fingers towards your body. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds in a position where you feel a stretch but no pain. Then change the arm and repeat the exercise with each arm at least twice.

Afterwards turn your arm, so that the thumb is pointing outwards and your palm is facing the ceiling. Bend your wrist downwards again to make sure your fingers point towards the floor. Like in the exercise before, use your other hand to increase the stretch. The holding time and number of repetitions can be identically as in the first exercise.

Remember: The aim is to stretch and not to cause pain! If the exercises are not painless for you with your arm outstretched, you can also do them with your elbows slightly bend.


Acute Help: Massage & Relaxation:

These techniques can help to decrease upcoming afflictions, but are not sufficient to replace a doctor’s visit!

Roll out the forearm (front and back):

Take a fascia roll (large or small), a tennis ball or alternatively a filled 0.5l PET bottle to perform a self-massage. Place your forearm on the roll with the palm facing the ceiling starting at the wrist.

Place your other hand on your lying forearm. Now slightly build up pressure with the hand lying on the forearm and press the forearm lightly onto the roll. Then slowly (as in slow motion) roll from the wrist to the elbow and back again. Make sure to stay on the muscles and do not roll over the bony structures. If you come in contact with hardenings or painful spots, rest briefly on them and move your arm back and forth or slightly increase the pressure. After about 2 minutes turn your palm towards the floor and massage the other side of your forearm. Repeat with the other arm.

Exercises can be performed at any time!

The wrist exercises can be conducted daily without compunction. You can split the exercises over the entire day or perform all in succession. While the strengthening exercises should rather be performed outside your gaming times, the breaks between games or short interruptions during the game (breaks, replays, respawn time etc.) are especially suitable for the stretching- and massage-exercises. If muscle soreness occurs, you can pause on the following days.

As you can see, the exercises do not take up much time and can be easily integrated into everyday life. If you do them regularly, you should feel an improvement very quickly. Nevertheless it should be mentioned that not only these exercises, but any kind of movement keeps us fit, efficient and healthy. So what are you waiting for, start right now!


Download the exercises: – Wrist Exercises