eSportwissen on TV

The eSport market is booming. But what is eSport, how much sport is involved and what skills do eSport players need in order to successfully compete? Questions like these come up when people hear the word eSport for the first time. To answer them, TV-hosts from ZDF and arte visited eSport-Lab of the German Sports University in Cologne, completed the eSport performance test and documented their efforts in a TV report.

The experiment with PUR+

In the PUR+ format at ZDF you can become witness of a special experiment. A professional beach volleyball player competed against a professional eSport player in our eSport performance test. In addition, the TV-host joined the test as a “normal” participant. They competed in the disciplines of reaction, perception and eye-hand coordination against each other. Furthermore, the participants absolved an endurance test. Finally institute director Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse summarized the results and gave a short outlook into the world of eSports.
If you missed the TV show, you can rewatch the TV report in the following media library afterwards: PUR+ E-Sports: Is professional gaming sport?

How much sport is in eSport?

This specific question was asked by the moderation team from arte’s Xenius format. They also wanted to get an idea about the special skills eSport players need to have. In order to experience this first-hand, they went through the numerous parts from our eSport performance test. In addition to the attention and perception test, they also absolved other cognitive and fine motor tasks. Their results were benchmarked with the comparison group of eSport players in order to get a categorization of their performance. A final interview with Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse completed our participation in the show.
You can also watch this TV report afterwards: Xenius: E-Sport – How much sport is in E-Sport?