eSport Study 2021 – The diet of German eSport players

In previous years, the eSport studies 2019 and 2020 already provided a comprehensive picture of health and training behavior as well as media consumption and well-being in eSports. This year’s survey focused on nutrition, for which we interviewed over 800 eSports amateurs and professionals.

An overview of the most important findings

The findings of the survey were presented by Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse (Head of the Institute of Movement Therapy and Movement-oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation at the German Sport University Cologne) and Rolf Buchwitz (Deputy Chairman of the Board of the AOK Rhineland/Hamburg) at a digital press conference on February 3rd.

Overall, the predominantly male target group (86 percent) has a varied nutrition. Even if fast food and convenience products were consumed, this proportion is relatively low: on average only twice a week. In contrast, half of all respondents cook for themselves at least five days a week. It is positive to note that sugar consumption, e.g. sweets and soft drinks, is below the amounts of the general population. However, the consumption of energy drinks often associated with eSports is not just a cliché. On average, slightly more than one tin can is drunk per week. Similarly, there is a need for optimization in meat consumption. Despite the relatively high proportion of vegetarian or vegan eSports players (14.8 percent), the rest of the group eats meat almost every day on average. In contrast, fruit and vegetables could end up on the plate more often. Just 15 percent of the men and 25 percent of the women surveyed achieve the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

eSports players are physically active despite pandemic

The results show that the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic have only a marginal effect on the health behavior of the participants. The average physical activity of nine and a half hours per week is significantly higher than the physical activity recommendations of the WHO.

The physical activity is particularly important in view ofthe long periods of sitting of the eSports players. While eSports professionals spend an average of 36.5 hours a week playing, lower performance level playersstill sit 20 to 25 hours a week in front of a console or computer in addition to school or work. Most of this time is invested in playing so-called co-op PvP or PvP games.

However, it is still encouraging that both health and well-being are rated as good by almost all respondents – as in previous years – despite the restrictions imposed by the existing pandemic.

The detailed research report can be found under Research Findings (only in german).

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