Our University Team

Our University Team

The project Team ECO – eSports Cologne began in May 2016 with a small group of interested individuals and the approval of the President’s Office to set up something in the field of eSports at the German Sport University Cologne. Under the context that the players of the university team take part in future research projects, the team receives support from the Institute of Movement Therapy and movement-oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation. Over the course of the semester, the League of Legends teams play a season among the best university teams in Germany, while our FIFA experts regularly represent the university at tournaments. With their active connection to research, the teams of eSports Cologne are unique in Germany.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a quick, competitive online game which combines the speed and intensity of real-time strategy with role playing elements. Two teams made up of five players each go head to head. With a selection of over 140 characters, a unique team structure can be chosen in advance which, as far as possible, counteracts the winning strategy of the opposing team. At the end, the team which destroys the base of the opposing team, the so-called ‘nexus’, wins. In doing so, a strategic approach, response, cooperation within the team and skill are very important to achieve success. With over 100 million active players, League of Legends is one of the most popular games worldwide, based on player numbers.

Fifa 20

The FIFA series combines consoles with the most popular sport in the world. Here, the eSports player sends their 11-man team over the playing field as they see fit. The game is mostly played in one on one mode. Tactics, formations, anticipation and better positional play are in particular demand here. Graphics and gameplay come closer and closer to reality with each year. After the virtual referee has blown his whistle, the game is over. In this manner, exciting competitions played between two professionals in FIFA18 are more than comparable with the classic sport when it comes to atmosphere, fascination and emotions.

Become a Team Player

If you, as an enthusiastic eSports player, would also like to become a part of eSports Cologne, then get in touch now! If you are also an active student in the Cologne area, you have the opportunity to start in a game supported by the UEG (University eSport Germany) in university eSports. (Exception: CS:GO)
You can reach us via the contact form, our Facebook page, or directly via email at esport@dshs-koeln.de.

Put Yourself to the Test

Be one step ahead of your opponents from now on thanks to reliable, scientific findings. As a participant, you will be making a considerable contribution to the further development of research and, at the same time, profit from the results regarding your performance.

Join us!